Network unlock by code for LG phones

Network unlock by code for LG phonesThis service allows you to unlock LG phones by the manufacturer code. Supported are all LG models no matter which network. It is the safest way to unlock your mobile phone without any interference in the phone.

To get your unlock code we only need the IMEI number.


Make sure that you can enter an unlock code to your LG device, before you make an order !!!
Instruction for entering the code for your LG device can be found in the phone description that you wish to unlock.
If you need any help contact us.

Also before you make an order, check if the LG device is not showing a message "This device is permanently locked" if such message appears the device cannot be unlocked. It means that somebody has entered wrong codes in your device too many times, and it doesn't have an option to enter the unlock code.

Newest LG models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All LG models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.


2020-07-10 20:30:27 Davis

Unlocking LG G6 - My code has not arrived ☹️ how long do I have to wait

2020-07-10 17:32:26 Davis

Unlocking LG G6 - Where do I get the NCK code

2020-07-10 11:19:36 Stefan

Unlocking LG G350 - Lieferung dauerte keine 15 Minuten. Codes funktionieren.

2020-07-07 13:15:24 Bozenna

Unlocking LG Stylo 3 Plus - Very good service . Thank you ;)

2020-07-07 10:07:33 Tiffany

Unlocking LG Stylo 2 - it worked Thanks

2020-07-07 08:06:33 Katrin

Unlocking LG Phoenix - Super schnell, erste Nummer hat funktioniert, vielen Dank

2020-07-07 01:52:18 CRISTIAN

Unlocking LG B460 - Excelente servicio

2020-07-03 07:48:13 Nello

Unlocking LG U370 - Code arrived in few hours, worked perfectly.

2020-07-01 21:19:22 hubert

Unlocking LG D620 - Kod byl szybko polecam.

2020-07-01 21:07:48 Paul

Unlocking LG G7 ThinQ - it took a little longer than the average, but the unlock code worked straight away the one from 02 was wrong thanks guys. would use a again if the time comes.

2020-06-29 19:59:27 Juan Andres

Unlocking LG G2 D802 - Rápido, sencillo y asequible, recomendado 100%

2020-06-25 06:32:40 Miguel

Unlocking LG Stylo 2 - It was great. It really worked, the code that was given.

2020-06-23 08:11:04 mariusz

Unlocking LG F70 D315 - Wszystko sprawnie .Dziękuję i polecam

2020-06-20 11:36:11 Pawel

Unlocking LG K8 - Jak zawsze szybko i tanio dziekuje

2020-06-19 09:33:55 Urip

Unlocking LG G5 - Great. It took less than 3 hours to get mine done. I did two phones that another service company failed to unlock them.

2020-06-19 01:07:31 puppydog101uk

Unlocking LG KC910 - Excellent service thanks the code worked and arrived quickly.

2020-06-18 23:19:14 Archie

Unlocking LG F60 - Quick and good service, well detailed instructions, works like a charm.

2020-06-18 10:37:52 Grzegorz

Unlocking LG V40 ThinQ - Bardzo dobra, i skuteczna obsługa

2020-06-18 09:52:57 Mariusz

Unlocking LG GS101 - Szybko poszło tel. Działa. Pozdrawiam

2020-06-18 08:45:10 Tomasz

Unlocking LG Leon - Szybko i sprawnie

2020-06-16 18:09:22 Noe

Unlocking LG G Pad 7.0 LTE - Worked like a charm Super easy to do and the instructions are simple. Thank you so much

2020-06-16 14:38:57 MICHAEL

Unlocking LG V30 - Took a little longer (probably because of the weekend). But overall, I chose them because they have the best prices around and got the code within the timeframe they stated.

2020-06-16 12:33:14 Felix

Unlocking LG Q Stylus - Exelente 👍

2020-06-16 10:51:55 Marcin

Unlocking LG G3 S - Cały temat załatwiony w 20 min.Polecam

2020-06-15 15:30:49 Randy

Unlocking LG G3 - excellent service, quick and right on, had the phone unlocked within the hour

2020-06-14 14:09:09 Miłosz

Unlocking LG D415 - Polecam, szybkie i sprawne przesłanie kodu. Nie zajęło to nawet 10 minut

2020-06-14 12:16:49 Zbigniew

Unlocking LG E460 - Świetnie. Krótki czas oczekiwania, kod działa po prostu super.

2020-06-12 17:41:52 Jose

Unlocking LG D850 - Thank. The best unlock company ever

2020-06-12 15:32:32 Gawayne

Unlocking LG X power - I was a bit skeptic about using this website but i went ahead and gave it a try and it works. A 100% fully active. Thanks a lot.

2020-06-12 14:14:18 noel

Unlocking LG G6 - Purchased a used phone that was locked to uk network. Tried a couple of services from ebay with no joy. These folks sorted me

2020-06-12 11:01:49 Jakub

Unlocking LG G7 ThinQ - Kod otrzymałem następnego dnia rano, po pierwszej próbie został odblokowany. Pierwotnie miał blokadę na sieć o2 abc i po włożeniu karty Orange był komunikat "sieć zablokowana". Polecam

2020-06-10 13:47:04 José

Unlocking LG Spectrum - Rápido muy buen servicio gracias

2020-06-10 11:38:16 Diane

Unlocking LG K4 - Very pleased with my purchase

2020-06-10 09:37:21 to-i

Unlocking LG Nexus 5X - my order was completed.thanks.

2020-06-09 15:50:42 Agnieszka

Unlocking LG K10 (2017) - Dziękuję bardzo za pomoc wszystko działa jak należy miłą obsługa i bardzo pomocna

2020-06-09 07:04:29 Gabriele

Unlocking LG K10 (2017) - Consigliato

2020-06-08 13:33:31 YASUHITO

Unlocking LG LGL22 - I was able to unlock the sim lock safely. Thank you very much.

2020-06-08 13:30:13 David Adolfo

Unlocking LG Stylus 3 - Excelente servicio y con buenos resultados

2020-06-04 19:29:10 Neil

Unlocking LG G Pad 8.0 - Code worked perfectly. Very satisfied customer. Thank you

2020-06-04 03:45:25 Jacob

Unlocking LG MS450 - I didn't think it would work but much to my surprise it did thanks so much I appreciate it would give them 10 stars if I could

2020-06-03 15:51:40 Karl-Heinz

Unlocking LG E460 - Entsperrungscode eingegeben, Handy telefoniert und empfängt. Alles gut MfG

2020-06-03 14:36:33 Sean

Unlocking LG G6 - Fast. Secure. Accurate. Worked perfect and took just a few hours. Well worth it.

2020-06-03 08:45:53 Igor

Unlocking LG P500 - Ďakujem pekne za rýchlu reakciu a komunikáciu

2020-06-02 17:21:02 Karl-Heinz

Unlocking LG E460 - Entsperrcode eingegeben und funktioniert, prima alles gut

2020-05-28 13:48:44 B.G.

Unlocking LG U370 - Schnell und einfach, Top

2020-05-27 18:39:40 AH

Unlocking LG K8 - Worked with no problem at all. Unlocked an old phone from ee to enable use on giff gaff

2020-05-27 05:57:31 i.

Unlocking LG G4 - worked great, thanks

2020-05-26 14:22:37 nelson

Unlocking LG Stylus 3 - Exelente servicio

2020-05-26 11:38:57 Kéri

Unlocking LG Q6 - Ok. Tank you.

2020-05-26 09:51:53 John

Unlocking LG K10 (2017) - Whilst the service took longer than 48h to complete, the codes worked first time, so I have no hesitation in recommending this service. I would use them again if the need arose. Good value. Good guidance too.