How long am I going to wait ?

The waiting time for receiving an unlock for Doro mobile phone starts from 1 to 30 minutes.

UNLOCK Doro PhoneEasy


What our customers say about unlocking

  • Great service . Easy to unlock . Even for a technophobe such as myself

    Beverley - 2021-09-23 17:08:30

  • Excellent. Quick and cheap Thank you

    michelle - 2021-06-09 19:20:23

  • The unlock code did work, it was well worth the £5 and I used this service to unlock my Doro 5030.

    Alexander - 2021-05-14 14:06:11

  • Worked Perfect Thank you

    Damon - 2021-02-26 12:16:09

  • Tesco told me the phone was unlocked but it wasnt after a week of grief sim lock did it in 2 mins

    Colin - 2020-10-02 13:25:52

Unlocking instruction for Doro PhoneEasy ?

There are two simple ways to enter an unlock code to your DORO PhoneEasy

First option

1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted Sim card (unaccepted simcard comes from a network different than the one used in your device)
2. Input the unlock code provided by

Second option

1. Turn on the phone without any sim card
2. Type sequence *#787464# just like a phone number
3. Enter the unlock code provided by
4. Phone is unlocked.


2021-09-23 17:08:30 Beverley

Great service . Easy to unlock . Even for a technophobe such as myself

2021-06-09 19:20:23 michelle

Excellent. Quick and cheap Thank you

2021-05-14 14:06:11 Alexander

The unlock code did work, it was well worth the £5 and I used this service to unlock my Doro 5030.

2021-04-13 21:45:54 Sabine

Hat leider nicht geklappt

2021-02-26 12:16:09 Damon

Worked Perfect Thank you

2020-10-02 13:25:52 Colin

Tesco told me the phone was unlocked but it wasnt after a week of grief sim lock did it in 2 mins

2020-07-23 08:42:40 Angeles

Rápido y eficaz. Gracias

2020-06-14 22:39:25 Carole

Loved this quick and easy solution as they say boss

2020-06-10 01:41:15 Joanne

So quick so easy and completely stress freewould highly recommend and use again

2020-05-25 09:06:51 jon

Quick and easy

2020-04-29 15:48:43 Paddy

Used this service twice Excellent service and really fast aswell would highly recommend Paddy ireland

2020-04-24 16:49:26 MICHAEL

Very please with service very quick in answer to my request

2019-12-18 16:14:22 tony

it worked first time. thank you.

2019-01-04 16:13:25 Stephen

A1 job. Fast

2018-08-22 14:44:57 Tatiana

Muy rápido y efectivo. Lo recomiendo 100%

2018-04-27 17:41:48 Andrew

Excellent service, fast and efficient, I would highly recommend this company.

2018-03-06 20:46:05 Shelagh

Really good service only took a few minutes to receive, but the code didn’t work

2018-02-28 12:19:13 JUAN LUIS

Buen servicio. Muy rápido 20 minutos. Muy satisfecho

2018-02-05 02:21:44 Chris

Great quick service code did not work

2018-01-09 23:57:21 Craig

Very fast service but unfortunately the code didn’t work

2017-10-11 10:00:26 Frank

it was very quick and very good

2017-10-11 09:52:42 Frank

yes it was 5 stars I was very pleased with the service, I will definitely use you again thank you for everything

2017-10-05 10:55:56 Yvonne

A very fast and efficient service. The mobile was unlocked within minutes. I would definitely use and recommend PhoneEasy

2017-08-02 14:34:13 sc

Even i got wrong unlock code, i got my money back instantly. very quick response

2017-07-19 14:15:53 M Mayer

Purchased unlock code. Apparently my specific model of Doro Phone (631) cannot be unlocked this way. Contacted sim-unlock and they apologised and said they'd issue a refund. So, although it didn't work, I gave 4 stars for responsiveness.

2017-03-07 12:10:39 Stephen

The service was very quick and easy to use. However, the unlock code didn't work. When I advised them they immediately proposed a refund with my questions. Excellent and efficient service, pity the unlock code didn't work though.

2016-11-15 17:42:26 Gary

Very good and easy to do

2016-10-09 19:26:33 pierre

the code is not good

2016-10-09 19:14:47 oierre

ca ne fonctionne pas

2016-10-03 17:41:07 Alison

The unlock did not work

2016-09-25 22:32:27 Ann

Thank you so much it was easy

2016-08-01 16:58:23 Heinz

schnell und preiswert

2016-01-18 11:05:17 laurent

bonjour, pouvez vous me donner une réponse : hier environ 10 minutes après ma demande j'ai reçu un numéro à 8 chiffres en rouge à la suite de résultat .Est ce le numéro de déblocage car si c'est le cas cela ne fonctionne pas :-( ou bien dois je attendre encore J'attends votre réponse , Cordialement

2015-09-30 14:06:53 patricia

excellent service unlocked in just a few minutes thank you

2015-09-25 16:39:25 patricia

excellent service got unlocked in just a few minutes thanks

2015-07-17 17:11:10 jian

Hi ; I m first time to using your service now , i m very happy your service , you are very kindly to help me to slove out the any probles . i will keep using your service in the future thanks andy

2015-06-18 15:20:29 Michael

Found this site to be great ...unlocked the phone in minutes

2015-06-15 17:11:55 christophe

Très satisfait du service, très rapide et efficace, je le recommande à tous.

2015-05-05 16:15:51 Roy

Super quick service thanks a lot

2015-05-04 22:51:33 Roy

Super quick service thanks a lot.

2015-01-07 04:11:19 Mitchell

Fast and Easy Thank You

2014-11-10 17:57:01 Yvonne


2014-07-09 14:04:19 steve

After activating the SIM card, the code worked great Numerous unlocking companies refused to try to unlock this phone and one said they would but getting the code could take 12 hours. I got the code at this site in less than 30 minutes

2013-11-29 12:04:45 Emiliano

Great service. Worked flawlessly

2013-09-12 12:26:23 marty

Thanks for a great service