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For unlock iPhone XR following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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  • Hello thanks it took 10 days but i never lost my wish gracias tomo slgo de tiempo pero nunca perdi mis deseos xd le doy hasta 20 estrellas ✌🏻Recomendado ✌🏻Thanks a lot

    denis - 2020-08-08 07:55:32

  • Outstanding service. It works - Thank you

    Bobby - 2020-08-05 13:31:57

  • phone unlocked and working perfectly fast service

    Merima - 2020-07-24 10:48:32

  • Awesome and fast ty

    Thanh - 2020-07-15 23:49:34

  • Good and very fast service.

    Gary - 2020-07-04 04:31:53

How to unlock iPhone XR ?

Network unlock for an iPhone XR doesn't use a code or unlocking sequence. The device is remotely unlocked on Apple servers.
There are two types of instructions for iPhone XR.

First option
1. Insert a simcard from a different network than the one working in your device.
* the unaccepted simcard cannot ask for a pin code at the start. Please use a simcard that doesn't ask for a pin, or turn the request for a pin code off.
2. Start the device and turn on Wi-Fi
3. Small update should be downloaded.
iPhone XR is ready to work in any network.

Second option (if the Wi-Fi option doesn't work)
1. Connect iPhone XR to the PC by cable with an unaccepted simcard insterted (simcard from a different network than the one where you bought the device)
2. Start iTunes application on your PC
3. Small update will be downloaded.
iPhone XR is now network free.

The easiest way to check if iPhone XR is permanently unlocked is by inserting a different simcard (from different networks).
If iPhone XR comes from AT&T network and you insert Sprint carrier sim card and a message "iPhone has a simcard from a different network" or "incorrect simcard inserted" appears on LCD it means that the device is network blocked.
However if the device has a signal and you can make calls or send text messages iPhone XR is unlocked.

If you don't have a simcard from a different network or you don't know the original network, you can use this service which helps you check your iPhone carrier and country check for iPhone XR.
iPhone XR can be permanently unlocked by adding the IMEI number to its producer's database.
In order to unlock iPhone XR to work in any network, you must choose the network in which the device works.
Networks that can be unlocked for iPhone XR include:
Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, EE etc.
Use this link to check the current list of supported networks Supported iPhone XR networks.
Find my iPhone (FMI) is a function that stops other people from using your iPhone XR when it gets lost or stolen.
In order to remove the FMI blockade you need to enter an e-mail adress and password used by the owner of this device.

You can also check the FMI status on your iPhone XR for free by using this link
Free FMI check for iPhone XR. In order to check thet status on your iPhone XR you need to enter your IMEI number.
Blacklist is a special type of database which includes all iPhone XR which has been reported as lost, stolen or bills have not been paid.
In order to check the BLACKLIST status for iPhone XR for free, you can use the following link.
iPhone XR free BLACKLIST check. To check the status of BLACKLIST you need to provide the IMEI number of your iPhone XR.


2020-08-08 07:55:32 denis

Hello thanks it took 10 days but i never lost my wish gracias tomo slgo de tiempo pero nunca perdi mis deseos xd le doy hasta 20 estrellas ✌🏻Recomendado ✌🏻Thanks a lot

2020-08-05 13:31:57 Bobby

Outstanding service. It works - Thank you

2020-07-24 10:48:32 Merima

phone unlocked and working perfectly fast service

2020-07-15 23:49:34 Thanh

Awesome and fast ty

2020-07-04 04:31:53 Gary

Good and very fast service.

2020-07-03 20:30:54 Shalamar

Done in less than 24 hours Thank you Truly grateful

2020-06-30 03:09:16 Jack

Excellent service

2020-06-24 09:56:16 Jackie

Legitimate. Accurate. Extremely fast, 7 minutes to be exact (not the 1 day 20 something hours "average" turnaround time stated on the first page.) Exceptionally low prices. EXCELLENT customer service & I would definitely recommend using.

2020-06-22 00:41:10 Laurie

Great service, took only 3 days to unlock, highly recommend

2020-06-13 03:07:29 Alvin

It really works, took 3 or 4 days but it works. I was skeptical at first, thought it might be a scam but it actually worked, thank you guys

2020-06-12 12:41:15 Jacob

Fantastic service, does exactly what it claims. I received the service all within 10 minutes. Highly recommended.

2020-05-30 12:44:40 ALI

good one

2020-05-18 16:06:36 Joh

Unlocked Verizon Iphone XR in about 3 days, very quick reliable service.

2020-05-17 00:37:49 Fernando

Very quickly response

2020-04-23 08:56:38 Pamela

I love your service Very fast and reliable Awesome job

2020-04-21 21:15:25 gerard

it takes a few hours but it unlocks my phone I really like how fast they solve my problem Thanks you will have a client forever

2020-04-13 15:41:20 Lavonte


2020-04-03 10:32:48 Andrzej

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2020-02-18 10:34:21 Pablo

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Excellent service And code did worked as said on description with no issues

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Everything work thank you

2019-12-22 08:27:59 Sambotin

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2019-12-10 16:23:04 Angel

So at first i thought this was a scam, because lets face it, it looked to good to be true.. but the service works i can now use my phone anywhere

2019-11-27 00:50:33 Diandra

Excellent very fast results less than 10 minutes

2019-11-21 12:07:01 Kent

Your service is very good

2019-11-19 06:49:55 Calvin

Quick turn around time for the service. Well worth the price.

2019-11-08 13:22:55 Andrew

My iPhone XR has not been fully paid for when I ran into some financial hard times and had to cut ties with my provider. This website allowed me to retain my iPhone and continue to use it with a different company for much cheaper. Order was complete in less than 24 hours and worked perfectly. Highly recommend. Thought it would be a scam but it truly is not. Thanks so much

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Wszystko przebiegło bez najmniejszego problemu. Polecam.

2019-10-22 07:08:21 Tobias

Hat zwar lange gedauert aber Handy ist frei vielen dank

2019-10-04 11:51:34 Maximilian

Worked very well and was fast: max 2 days. The feedback on this site took longer, but i tried it and saw it was unlocked.

2019-09-29 23:18:33 Roy

You’ll see a few comments in here claiming that this is a scam. I was dubious and concerned but I gave it a shot. And yes - testify. It’s legit. It works. It’s simple and easy. You’ll get an email and it will say in progress for a few days. Be patient. You’ll get a follow up email and you phone will be unlocked.

2019-09-15 03:00:13 Jane H

THANK YOU Quick, perfect service. Jane

2019-09-12 11:37:14 fathia

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2019-08-20 14:29:15 Zvonimir

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The results were too fast. I definitely recommend this website. Very good

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Thanks... It works, Great. But It tooks 6 days. Anyway, Thanks again.

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very good

2019-06-28 04:44:46 John

Awesome service and super fast at unlocking my phone. Can not explain how pleased I am with this company.

2019-06-06 14:24:16 RG

It was unlocked in few days. Great service, thank you

2019-05-29 16:17:46 Dorian

Third iphone xr that i’ve unlocked from t-mobile usa. Fast delivery time Thank you

2019-05-23 03:00:15 Dorian

yet another perfect unlock of a t-mobile usa Iphone XR