How long am I going to wait ?

The turnaround time for receiving the unlock code for LG mobile phones starts from 1 to 24 hours.

The calculated average waiting time is 3 hours 21 minutes. (based on the last 50 orders)



What our customers say about unlocking

  • Great Phone is unlocked working fabulously. Instruction needs to be a bit more clearer. I did not know that the NCK and SPCK also apply to the second option.

    Kenroy - 2021-01-15 06:08:26

  • Fast and successful service

    TLS - 2017-07-06 06:16:52

  • Great service. Code worked, phone unlocked.Will recommend this site.

    toby - 2016-08-26 13:26:33

  • Fast service , thanks.

    Ko Ko Than - 2015-11-24 17:39:50

  • Very quick

    Kenneil - 2015-08-18 00:54:51

Unlocking instruction for LG MS769 ?

How to enter an unlock code in a LG MS769:

First option:

1. Insert a simcard from a different network (for example if the device comes from Orange network insert a T-Mobile simcard).
2. Your LG MS769 should ask for an unlock code
- for Network PIN type the NCK code
- for Service provider PIN input the SPCK code

Second option (device doesn't ask for an unlock code with an unaccepted SIM)

1. Start the device with an accepted simcard (example LG MS769 was bought in Orange you need to insert an Orange card)
2. Go to the dial screen and press “2945#*model number#” (the same way you enter a phone number)
Example: the device is a P999 you need to enter “2945#*999#” or for KU990 you need to enter “2945#*990#” etc…

Third option (accepted simcard)

1. Go to dial screen and press 2945#*71001# or 2945#*20001# as if making a call
2. when a hidden window appears enter the unlock code

Having problems with using the instructions ? Contact our support.

NCK code is a network unlock code, which unlocks the main network.
For a subnetwork you need to use either a SPCK code or a NSCK code.
Generating an unlock by a free generator, can only block your LG MS769 permanently.


2021-01-27 04:54:29 Guadalupe

Excelente trabajo

2021-01-15 06:08:26 Kenroy

Great Phone is unlocked working fabulously. Instruction needs to be a bit more clearer. I did not know that the NCK and SPCK also apply to the second option.

2018-03-01 18:14:57 Sergio

Excelente, solo tengo una duda, ya desbloqueado el celular no puedo acceder al Network Lock, me sale el mensaje de que el teléfono no está personalizado.

2017-07-06 06:16:52 TLS

Fast and successful service

2017-04-25 15:46:38 MARTIN


2017-01-03 19:35:46 Ernesto

Excelente servicio. Lo recomiendo en un 100℅

2016-08-26 13:26:33 toby

Great service. Code worked, phone unlocked.Will recommend this site.

2016-01-15 14:26:46 Marek

Wszystko w najlepszym porz±dku, szybko zalatwiony telefon

2016-01-14 11:36:15 segundo

La verdad. estoy. Muy satisfecho. por el servicio eficiente que me. Brindaron. Gracias.

2016-01-08 21:25:05 Carlos Alberto

Excelente servicio

2015-11-24 18:00:23 cesar

Exelente servicio como siempre rapido y seguro muy buen trabajo, gracias.

2015-11-24 17:39:50 Ko Ko Than

Fast service , thanks.

2015-10-15 22:16:06 Juan

Excelente servicio, lo volveré a utilizar en un futuro, los recomiendo ampliamente, el movil quedo funcionando al 100%, sigan mejorando saludos equipo de liberar-tu-móvil

2015-09-02 00:53:08 juan luis

Excelente servicio en una hora o menos de hora ya estaba disponible el código de desbloqueo

2015-08-18 17:59:37 Kamil

Szybko i sprawnie polecam

2015-08-18 00:54:51 Kenneil

Very quick

2015-08-16 00:01:34 ROn

Excellent. Worked like a charm, about twice as fast as estimated. Cheapest and best option we could find.

2015-08-09 10:54:29 carlos

me siento complacido con su trabajao les agradesco recomendare su pag amis amigos gracias

2015-07-31 17:59:31 Richard

No bull All true Thanks a ton dude.

2015-07-16 22:20:19 Roy

Worked like a charm

2015-06-06 23:09:03 Avery

Fast, accurate and efficient....gave 4 stars because when I entered the NCK code it displayed phone not personalized but it unlocked when I entered the SPCK code

2015-06-03 16:00:42 Garth

The service provided by sim-unlock, is excellent, fast and very affordable. one of the best prices offered. it was a pleasure doing business with them

2015-05-29 19:27:48 Garth


2015-05-18 16:10:29 Carlos

Excelente. En tan solo 10 minutos me enviaron el código y las instrucciones de cómo hacer el desbloqueo. Recomendado 100%

2015-05-13 06:40:41 Catarino

excelentte servicio...Recomendado

2015-05-12 17:35:41 pedro

Excelente servicio , muy rapido y confiable al 100

2015-01-11 15:20:32 Torsten

LG MS 769 aus der USA entsperren lassen hat super geklappt