How long am I going to wait ?

The delivery time for an unlock code for ZTE mobile phones starts from 1 to 5 working days.

The calculated average waiting time is 2 days 14 hours 51 minutes. (based on the last 50 orders)



What our customers say about unlocking

  • Took a couple of days (as expected) but worked first try Thank you

    Bill M. - 2021-07-21 00:44:23

  • Worked like a charm, thank you

    Andrei - 2020-06-08 14:23:06

  • Took a few hours to get the code but im thinking its because of store hours. Worked perfectly after the code was emailed to me

    Steven - 2019-09-01 20:55:43

  • Worked flawlessly

    Georgi - 2019-06-24 09:03:27

  • Work great

    Cristian - 2019-04-23 11:33:08

Unlocking instruction for ZTE MF923 ?

Smartphone instruction
ZTE MF923 is unlocked in 3 steps:

1. Start the ZTE MF923 with an unaccepted simcard (unaccepted means from a different network than the one working in you ZTE)
2. Message to enter an unlock code should appear
3. Input the unlock code provided by
ZTE MF923 is now unlocked.

Modem instruction

1. Insert an unaccepted simcard in your ZTE MF923 (unaccepted means from a different network than the original one)
2. Connect the modem to the PC by USB
3. Install all new drivers for your device (please skip this step if the drivers are already installed)
4. Message to enter a network unlock code should appear
* the unlock message doesn't appear
Enter the following sequence in your webbrowser or
- for login and password enter "admin"
- check in which option a request for a network code appears,
5. Enter network unlock code provided by
Device is now capable of working in any network


2021-07-21 00:44:23 Bill M.

Took a couple of days (as expected) but worked first try Thank you

2020-06-08 14:23:06 Andrei

Worked like a charm, thank you

2019-09-01 20:55:43 Steven

Took a few hours to get the code but im thinking its because of store hours. Worked perfectly after the code was emailed to me

2019-06-24 09:03:27 Georgi

Worked flawlessly

2019-04-23 11:33:08 Cristian

Work great

2019-04-08 09:58:11 uk

Great work Copied and pasted the 16 digits and BINGO Now I can use it with Telefonica (o2). Thanks a lot

2019-03-04 10:21:23 Markus

Hat zwar 48h gedauert um den AT&T SIM Lock fŘr das ZTE MF 923 zu entsperren, aber alles in allem TOP funktioniert. T-Mobile Karte funktioniert nun prima.

2019-01-22 14:47:47 TJ

Unlock code worked like a charm. Only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that from the time I made payments, my wait time was showing 55 minutes. I received my code after 3 hrs or so.

2019-01-07 21:50:45 MARTIN

no problems :) worked as intended

2018-12-07 00:54:08 Ron

Simple. Easy. Effective. All for 1/3 the cost of a competing service.

2018-12-06 13:00:08 Carlton

Fast and effective. No worries at all.

2018-11-19 16:12:51 Mark

Fast service. Excellent instructions. Worked like a champ. Would buy another code when needed. Well done chaps

2018-10-30 17:45:38 ZTE MF923-Nutzer

Entsperren hat ohne Probleme funktioniert 👍🏻

2018-09-25 19:53:05 Juan carlos


2018-09-10 09:39:04 Andy

I as many were sceptical of unlocking services. Sim-Unlock has surpassed my expectations. I will use them again without question. Thank you for doing what my carrier wouldn't. The BEST

2018-09-07 12:29:51 Senthilnathan

Great 👍, My hotspot get unlocked. ThankYou. Really it works.

2018-08-22 08:15:39 israel

Muy bueno el servicio me gustˇ gracias

2018-08-22 05:34:21 israel

gracias si me funciono bien de bien el codigo

2018-08-13 16:34:59 John

Easy, fast, worked as advertised

2018-08-07 14:30:09 David

excelente servicio y muy rapido

2018-08-07 14:29:38 David

excelente servicio y muy rapido

2018-07-25 17:39:58 Ismail

Thank you .great job

2018-07-23 12:45:15 Joseph

You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. The code works perfectly fine. Can u unlock my iphone 8 plus

2018-07-23 09:55:42 Jeremy

fast, easy and most importantly it worked

2018-07-14 00:18:42 Karl

Amazing service fast and hassle free :)

2018-06-29 15:28:17 Wai Mun

I ordered to unlock zer mf923. Received unlocked code promptly. Connect USB, have to type in put in attadmin then asked for security code or unlocked code. Mission accomplished. I stumbled but my ATT hotspot is unlocked. Thx

2018-06-27 14:59:03 Robbert

Awesome and fast service, thank so much

2018-06-20 20:52:57 Flavio

I placed my order on Friday and I got it delivered on Monday. Simply awesome, everything worked fine.

2018-06-01 18:34:01 D

Fast, simple, worked like a charm

2018-05-22 00:13:40 VAIBHAV

awesome service

2018-05-21 21:54:02 ELASMA

thank you zaz loux l code li siftou liya f 76 minutes khdam w decodite l3jeb diali 5 stars from Morocco and thank you very much l khoute mn maroc taklou 3la lah service Meziane Merci

2018-05-15 12:07:40 Johan

ATT did not respond to the request to Unlock ZTE MF923, therefore ordered an unlock code from sim-unlock. Received an unlock code after 15 hours. Put it in and it works. Just great :-)

2018-05-04 02:28:37 BKBroiler

I dont normally review places, but given that most people are skeptical of sites like this (me too) I thought I'd share that these guys rock Thanks, Y'all

2018-04-26 21:31:59 Nick

Fast service, easy unlock. Thanks

2018-04-10 04:08:31 Manuel

Fast and easy to unlock my mobile device. Highly recommend

2018-04-06 02:35:13 Suravee

ZTE Singapore to unlock, it took about 6-7 hours for the code. Once i get the code and go through the steps, it works perfectly. Great Job.

2018-04-04 04:48:25 Joel

Rapid delivery, affordable and good instructions. Perfect services. Thank you.

2018-03-30 13:03:36 Wojti

Wszystko ok, czeka│em 7h, ale dziala bez problemu :) Pozdrawiam i polecam

2018-03-23 17:01:12 Francisco

Great and accurate about their service:

2018-03-23 04:44:04 Jay

Work perfect Thank you

2018-03-22 09:51:18 Eva

super fast and worked perfect for my zte mobile router

2018-03-21 18:37:46 ALEXIS

Funciona y rapido......................

2018-03-01 21:14:44 Joshua

Perfect service. I submitted my order, went to sleep, woke up and the code was ready. Got my hotspot unlocked after the carrier told me they never could. Thanks

2018-02-23 01:19:16 Paulo

It worked "like a charm"

2018-02-18 17:03:28 Robin

Thank you, the service was fast and instructions easy. Will use again.

2018-02-11 16:12:23 Rommel

I reciece the code and apply .100% working ..thank you .. worth of pay the price of your service 100% legit..

2018-02-02 15:18:39 John

I was trying to get my carrier to help with my sim unlock. After an hour on the phone I gave up waiting for a competent rep, so I used this service and was happy when it worked Woohoo

2018-02-02 15:14:33 Hassan

Thank you

2018-01-28 12:29:52 kebba

The service is good. I just wish the price would have been a little cheaper and the time a little shorter..

2018-01-24 04:23:18 Very Happy

I received my code in about 3 hours and unlocked my ZTE Velocity hotspot. It now works perfectly with T-Mobile. I'll order again for sure.