How long am I going to wait ?

The delivery time for an unlock code for Huawei phones starts from 6 to 14 working days.

The calculated average waiting time is 8 days 16 hours 52 minutes. (based on the last 50 orders)

UNLOCK Huawei Y3


What our customers say about unlocking

  • It took 3 days to receive the code and as soon as I received it I switched on the phone with an unauthorized sim card entered the code and voila Phone is working perfectly with any sim cards now, you guys simply rock Thank you so much I will definitely use your service again..

    Sebastien - 2016-10-02 13:23:54

  • Worked great

    samuel - 2016-10-01 13:16:31

  • Code send in two day... You are wonderfull

    UKUNDJI - 2016-09-09 18:04:47

  • Very good and fast service.I highly recommend this website

    Bartosz - 2016-08-15 21:21:07

  • Great. Worked first time

    Conor - 2016-06-11 09:56:40

Unlocking instruction for Huawei Y3 ?

Instruction for unlocking Huawei Y3:
Huawei service provides from 1 to 4 codes depending on the network
1. Insert foreign unaccepted SIM card (foreign means a simcard from different network than the one in which the device works)
2. Enter the first code received from If the first code doesn't work try the second or the third code.
3. Your phone is now unlocked
In some cases You need to enter the last code, confirm unsuccesfull message and enter previous codes again.

All Huawei Y3 need an IMEI number and an ID provider to provide a correct unlock code.

ID provide is a special sequance which you can find on the sticker of your Huawei Y3, or by using this link:
Huawei Y3 id provider It is not your network provider name like t-mobile or Sprint etc.


2018-06-02 16:34:51 Joel

Just had to enter the code once and the phone was unlocked thanks a lot guys I will be using your service again

2018-05-27 10:37:38 Santo

Excellent service happy to use the phone bought in other country

2018-05-22 17:27:53 Boitumelo

It is fast and reliable

2018-05-03 15:52:54 phillip


2018-05-03 03:24:51 phillip

Great.... Quick and easy..

2018-03-29 16:40:07 MATILDA

worked perfectly first time. Thanks

2018-03-18 08:31:56 lawrence

It just worked. This is the best service around. Recommend it every time. No more wasting time on getting the service provider to unlock.

2018-01-05 12:38:27 Francisco Javier

Rápido y funcionó. ya había intentado con otras paginas y no había funcionado. Gracias

2017-12-01 11:32:48 Xavi

Amazing Job lol it works so easily (im in jamaica#)

2017-10-13 15:16:45 HERMES

son los mejores y muy rapidos

2017-10-11 19:43:25 Darren

Excellent service

2017-09-26 15:57:53 Jose

5 minutos y código enviado

2017-09-23 07:54:00 Adedeji

Highly impressed great service and very cheap

2017-09-22 14:17:23 jose guillermo

Como siempre los mejores

2017-09-18 19:40:41 Victorres

Funcionó el desbloqueo, me llegó en menos de 5 HRS el código, pague menos de lo que me hubieran cobrado por desbloquearlo. 100% recomendado. Ahora funciona con Telcel Mex.

2017-06-21 10:34:28 Ouena

It works properly. It is the best for unlocking phones.

2017-05-13 05:07:03 JB

It was quick and it worked. I received my code for Huawei Y360 within 7 Hours. The only thing I would add to your service is that you send an email to the purchaser when it is available.

2017-05-06 18:46:14 Jorge Olvera

servicio excelente y de gran confiabilidad

2017-05-06 01:22:19 Carlos David

Me funciono perfectamente

2017-04-19 05:03:13 willy


2017-04-14 11:38:57 Nicholas

Unlock perfect and super fast ;)

2017-04-03 09:49:44 Guillermo

Si sirviò, gracias.

2017-03-29 20:01:32 Jacek

wszystko wporzadku , profesjonalna i szybka obs³uga , polecam.

2017-03-22 13:38:29 Michael

Das hat absolut perfekt geklappt, das preis leistungsverhälnis stimmt auch. Danke für den Dienst

2017-03-03 12:37:23 reinardo

My third time using this serves

2017-03-02 01:52:55 Jan Carlos

Me encanto nunca tube una compra tan segura y sin robos gracias buen trabajo los recomendare

2017-02-26 08:00:36 freefloating

Es hat zwar sehr lange gedauert. Aber die Entsperrung lief einwandfrei. Vielen Dank.

2017-02-08 10:25:52 Amalraj

Excellent service Quite fast.

2017-01-22 15:26:49 Farai Maxwell

Great service

2017-01-20 06:32:29 Roberto Lavine

Thanks a million guys, the service was fast, reliable, easy and most of all cheap. I will be buying from you guys forever, thank again. Roberto Lavine Barbados West Indies

2017-01-16 11:29:52 Elijah

Great service. Device was unlocked on first try.

2017-01-04 16:44:30 Rony

Muy rápido, me funciono bien y accesible, 100 puntos

2016-11-19 18:55:36 Jamor

Awesome Was told the waiting would take 4 days 6 hours.. Got my unlock code in lest than 2 hours😁😁😁😁 AWESOME

2016-11-15 22:22:08 Birute

Thanks very mach

2016-11-08 22:51:36 fast and effective

Great service. Most concise and reliable I could find online for my Huawei Y360. Many thanks, 100% recommended

2016-11-02 14:34:21 Lucas

Perfecto liberado en horas

2016-10-23 12:21:11 Sonia

Esperé 4 días pero valieron la pena. Se merecen las 5 estrellas xq son muy cordiales y envian los correos paso a paso. Sin duda lo voy a recomendar 100% Gracias

2016-10-19 17:26:01 Fahret

Great service.

2016-10-16 12:10:21 bradley

thanks the unlock code worked perferctly

2016-10-03 15:34:41 john

Service was nice and fast.... But i learned my phone was already unlocked when i bought it

2016-10-02 13:23:54 Sebastien

It took 3 days to receive the code and as soon as I received it I switched on the phone with an unauthorized sim card entered the code and voila Phone is working perfectly with any sim cards now, you guys simply rock Thank you so much I will definitely use your service again..

2016-10-01 13:16:31 samuel

Worked great

2016-09-16 18:14:02 Christian

Todo excelente. Gracias.

2016-09-09 22:34:55 Johann

It worked perfectly for my Y330

2016-09-09 18:04:47 UKUNDJI

Code send in two day... You are wonderfull

2016-09-05 12:18:31 Rod

Very happy, Will definitely use sim-unlock again. My network provider wanted $80 to unlock my phone. Many Thanks.

2016-08-29 16:30:22 Euvi

Ha funcionado al primer intento, buen servicio.

2016-08-23 05:03:35 Hon Keong

Good and fast service

2016-08-22 13:15:10 ALLY TALIB

Am glad that the code you sent to me worked successfully, thanks a lot for your nice services and good customer services though previously I felt little bit nervous to pay for the code that am going to loose my money, but I admit that your words can be trusted at least for now. Thanks a lot.

2016-08-15 21:21:07 Bartosz

Very good and fast service.I highly recommend this website