Permanently Unlocking iPhone from KPN Netherlands network

Permanently Unlocking iPhone from KPN Netherlands networkThis service offers network unlock for all iPhone models which are listed below. After the unlocking the blocked will never return, the unlock is permanent. All software versions are supported. Unlocking an iPhone is simple and easy.

After completing your order you will need to use one of the following instructions:
iPhone 4S and older models please insert an unaccepted simcard and connect your phone with iTunes by USB cable.
iPhone 5 and all newer models please insert an unaccepted simcard and turn on WI-FI, the iPhone will be unlocked remotely.

Important !!!
This service supports only KPN Netherlands network.
If your device works in a different network than KPN Netherlands please use the iPhone unlock link, to choose the correct network.


2014-11-13 18:37:20 Jałoszyński iphone 4s

Unlocking iPhone 4S - Długo użeram się z Różnymi serwisami ale wy zasługujecie na 6 gwiazdek (w skali do 6). Jestem pod wrażeniem obsługi na infolini . POLECAM WSZYSTKIM

2014-10-17 12:46:32 zuzia

Unlocking iPhone 4 - błyskawicznie najtaniej profesjonalnie:)

2014-06-18 22:30:39 Tomasz

Unlocking iPhone 4S - Myślałem, że to ściema, a jednak Iphone odblokowany w 3 dni z holenderskiego KPN gorąco polecam

2013-09-29 20:45:45 Sarawuth

Unlocking iPhone 5 - I am very happy and pleased on how the transaction went. I paid and before even one day has passed i could unlock my Iphone. Very reliable service i would definitely recommend to others.

2013-08-19 23:17:51 Rafal

Unlocking iPhone 4 - Polecam, ja osobiście jestem bardzo zadowolony, szybko i fachowo zostałem obsłużony za co dziękuję