How long am I going to wait ?

The waiting time for receiving an unlock code for Pantech phones starts from 6 minutes to 48 hours.

Pantech P2030 Breeze III


What our customers say about unlocking

  • Works like a dream

    Fael - 2019-10-05 22:57:12

  • Fast response - AWESOME

    Tim - 2019-03-18 12:09:44

  • Great service My phone is unlock now. Thank you

    dadou - 2019-01-03 16:29:10

  • Terrific, reliable, Thank you

    SHEILA - 2018-06-18 12:37:31

  • Was fast and reliable

    Rahime - 2016-02-10 15:13:44

Unlocking instruction for Pantech P2030 Breeze III ?

1. Insert an accepted simcard to the P2030 Breeze III and power it on. (accepted simcard is the simcard from the network in which the device works).
2. Dial the following sequence like a phone number *#865625#
3. Hidden SIM unlock menu should appear one the screen.
4. Enter the 8 digit unlock code provided by
5. Re-enter the unlock code again.
5. Message unlock process complete will appear.
6. Pantech P2030 Breeze III is now network free, and supports any network from all over the world.


2019-10-05 22:57:12 Fael

Works like a dream

2019-07-08 20:38:08 Jonathan

Muy Buen servicio. Al día siguiente ya había recibido el código. El Pantech P2030 Breeze III se liberó instantáneamente al colocarle la nueva SIM de otro operador. y me funciona con todas las redes. Normalmente no me tomo el tiempo de dar una opinión positiva ni negativa, pero por la simplicidad del método y el tiempo de respuesta fue excelente. recomiendo esta pagina para cualquiera que necesite liberar algún teléfono.

2019-03-18 12:09:44 Tim

Fast response - AWESOME

2019-01-03 16:29:10 dadou

Great service My phone is unlock now. Thank you

2018-07-27 16:22:00 eunice

Buena la experiencia usando sus servicios. todo profesional,sigan asi.

2018-07-17 16:16:14 Jorge Carlos

Excelente, precio y calidad asegurados

2018-07-16 17:33:47 Jorge Carlos

Excelente, rápido y precio muy bueno. ¡Los mejores entre los mejores

2018-06-18 12:37:31 SHEILA

Terrific, reliable, Thank you

2017-09-05 20:48:48 Christian

Everything OK. Thank you.

2017-07-11 15:27:11 Angel

El servicio fue excelente y muy rapido

2017-01-31 05:02:17 Anthony

Servicio bueno y rápido gracias lo recomiendo.

2016-11-08 22:18:17 Anthony

Me funciono super ahora no tengo que compra un celular nuevo gracias por su cervicio.

2016-02-10 15:13:44 Rahime

Was fast and reliable

2015-12-19 15:57:08 R

Service was very expedient, code worked on first try, Thanks

2015-12-13 21:05:38 rosalino

gracias mil gracias... es un exelente servicio. lo volvere a usar

2015-10-19 22:53:26 irineo

Gracias fue rapido lo rrecomiendo

2015-07-15 08:33:55 Tipu

I unlocked the phone sucessfully but I'm unable to load addresses from my new SIM to the phone. It always shows "Opening address Book". Pls help

2015-07-15 07:22:25 Tipu

awesome service

2015-01-09 18:09:19 Elizabeth

So simple to do. Process was cheaper that buying a new phone. The order was super fast got the code the same day and I was ready to start calling. :)

2014-12-22 20:58:55 jhon

It worked. just follow the instructions.

2014-10-20 16:39:07 ana isabel

Gracias resivi el código al instante

2014-09-27 17:32:17 David

Unlocking service works. I am now using my phone on a different network. Good job

2014-07-28 16:04:21 Tipu Sultan

Awesome service. I got the unlock code in less than 4hrs. It worked flawlessly. Thank you for your great support.

2014-07-18 22:19:10 JESSICA

Genial me ayudo mucho:)

2013-10-14 15:57:13 Oliver

Excellent services, fast ship. 5 stars. you can trust this page. thumbs up

2013-08-22 01:36:38 SASHEEN

Unlock code was received. Thank you for such excellent service.