Unlocking Motorola Droid 3

For unlock Motorola Droid 3 following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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UNLOCK Motorola Droid 3


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  • Update..I was able to unlock my Verizon Wireless Droid 3. Thankyou

    Sherri - 2017-08-01 13:56:35

  • It worked thanks

    deo - 2017-05-13 12:33:00

  • Great. Worked fine for my Droid 3

    Jean-Jacques - 2016-03-08 11:35:09

  • Quick and worked first try thanks Got code so FAST

    Larm S - 2016-01-05 08:46:46

  • Thank you for quick and perfect service Joe, Austria, Europe

    Josef - 2015-10-27 23:01:14

Unlocking instruction for Motorola Droid 3 ?

The unlocking procedure is very basic, just follow these steps and your device will be network free.

1. Start the device with a simcard different than the one that works in your Motorola Droid 3. (Your device works with AT&T, insert a T-Mobile simcard)
2. Message input unlock code should appear (if for any reason the device shows a message Contact operator or Inability to enter the code, please leave the Droid 3 for 30 minutes or more. After some time window enter unlock code should appear)
**In special cases you might try a #073887* sequence to force your device to ask for an unlock code.
3. Dial the unlock code provided by sim-unlock.net
4. Motorola Droid 3 is now capable for any network you want.


2018-01-01 21:58:34 ainhoa

todo perecto y rapido

2017-08-01 13:56:35 Sherri

Update..I was able to unlock my Verizon Wireless Droid 3. Thankyou

2017-05-13 12:33:00 deo

It worked thanks

2016-03-08 11:35:09 Jean-Jacques

Great. Worked fine for my Droid 3

2016-02-11 05:31:04 angel

Buen servicio y rápido.... Lo recomiendo

2016-01-05 08:46:46 Larm S

Quick and worked first try thanks Got code so FAST

2015-10-27 23:01:14 Josef

Thank you for quick and perfect service Joe, Austria, Europe

2015-06-17 18:05:10 Emmanuel

Buen Servicio Recomendado

2015-06-17 17:11:37 Emmanuel

Muy Buen servicio Saludos

2015-06-15 16:38:47 Emmanuel

Buen servicio

2015-06-12 01:15:32 gilles

tres bon service mon cellulaire a pu etre débloque en moin de 2 heures merci

2015-06-01 10:17:51 Emmanuel

Muy buenservicio yrapido

2015-05-22 15:28:40 Emmanuel

Muy buen servicio Saludos

2015-03-19 12:25:38 andres

excelente servicio, rápido y confiable

2015-03-19 09:27:58 andres

excelente servicio, rápido y seguro altamente recomendable

2015-03-15 05:53:30 Ismael

excelente servicio como siempre

2015-03-09 13:26:06 Georges

Working perfectly, thanks you.

2015-02-24 13:35:40 eb

Professional service. The code sent works without issue and the price very affordable

2015-02-08 17:40:46 Phil

Perfect. Turnaround was quick and the code worked.

2015-01-16 14:35:58 krzysztof

Szybko i jak zawsze dobrze:D polecam

2014-12-10 20:57:33 Tamás

Hello everyone, I am Thomas from Hungary, asked for a late-night phone unlock code for Motorola Droid 3 what the next day I received it. I got two codes, the first typed into the phone as I read the description. After restart, it works perfectly. They are fast and reliable, at the best prices in the market. Thank you very much We highly recommend it to everyone. Best regards Thomas

2014-10-30 19:13:36 William

I was looking to unlock my Motorolla Droid3 since I moved to Africa. All the sites looked so sketchy. This one was cheaper than any others and still looks sketchy but it had two things going for it: the comments looked legit, and the payment was secure through Paypal. So I gave it a shot. BOOM 1hr later I had my code. So easy. I'll be recommending sim-unlock.net in the future.

2014-10-13 10:33:30 David

Great My Droid 3 is unlocked now. Using it in Czech Republic, Europe.

2014-09-29 18:50:10 Benjamin

Excelente Son rápidos y seguros muy bueno

2014-09-19 09:45:23 alejandro

Again im satisfied very fast service thanks

2014-09-18 16:15:05 Dervahno

This is the fastest safest cheapest and most reliable method

2014-09-04 11:29:25 Filippo

the code worked well on first attempt, very good

2014-08-01 12:48:33 Alex

It just worked for me: got the code ca. 30 min after payment and voila, connected to my Norwegian provider :)

2014-07-04 00:24:11 walter

Buen servicio, rapido y me permitio desbloquear sin problemas

2014-06-07 14:55:25 Gilberto

Excelente servicio, como siempre.

2014-05-23 17:02:22 Angel

The code arrived in less than 10 minutes and worked flawlessly Very happy with the service :)

2014-05-20 00:03:28 Lonny

It was a little later than 30 minutes, maybe an hour, but it worked perfectly. Thanks.

2014-04-16 15:08:10 Tunde Oke

whaooooo i never believed it but just give a trial. its the most cheapest of all site. i was searching for cheapest unlock site, the first one that seems cheap from others at $19.90 and says it takes them 1-3 days to get the code, then i never give up and continue searching until i got this site. Its actually very cheap and the fastest of all. keep the good work going. thanks.

2014-04-02 17:58:00 wilfredo

It only took 1 day wow incredible and it has th ebest value on the world wide web

2014-03-19 07:37:51 David Alas

Muchas Gracias, Soy de El Salvador y lo probe con un motorola Droid 3 (verizon), el primer codigo puse y funciono correctamente, fue facil, rapido y seguro, pagina 100% recomendada

2014-03-13 04:50:53 Ale

Fue muy rapido el Envío y el codigo funciono al instante

2014-02-11 13:32:59 piet

Many thanks great service

2014-01-29 17:48:08 David

A+++++++ This was a best service I could ask for and it was the cheapest. At first, I was a little worried about the price being so low, compared to most other websites who charge 4 times more, I thought this website might not be able to deliver the same quality. I was wrong; this website (sim-unlock.net) went out of their way to help me. I had entered the wrong IMEI which I then got a message telling me that it was wrong and there was no unlock code for the wrong IMEI. Customer Support contacted me telling me there was a problem. I was able to locate the corect IMEI number. The Support Team acted quickly and corrected my mistake for free; they didn't have to, they could have charged me again, but they didn't. The new codes came back and the first one I tried worked perfectly. I am so grateful. sim-unlock.net went above and beyond, they top of the line for a quarter of the price. They are the best Thank you sim-unlock.net, David

2014-01-27 13:08:03 Daniel


2014-01-24 23:50:08 Ronald

First number worked great, very easy. Thanks

2014-01-24 13:08:21 Anne

Works as expected. Unlocked a Droid 3 Verizon locked phone, bought on ebay, for use in Europe. Even gave a warning about the (known) limitations for this specific model. Took 2,5hrs between payment and receiving the code.

2014-01-22 23:43:28 Carlos Sosa

Excelente.. soy de El Salvador, muy buen servicio 20 minutos y el código funciono de una ..

2014-01-21 10:05:36 wawa


2013-12-30 14:41:07 Ricardo

Very effective, fast and hassle free. The best price and so far the best in the market. I unlocked my Droid 3 Global with Verizon Wireless with no problems at all. Iwill definitely use this service again in the future and I recomend it as well.

2013-11-29 14:06:27 Carlos

The first code worked as advertised, I have no complaint whatsoever. Thanks, I will use your service again anytime, and also thank you for the personalized emails, that shows your commitment to the client.

2013-11-22 21:07:44 Rodrigo

Great service as always, PHONE UNLOCKED PROPERLY

2013-11-22 21:06:58 Rodrigo

Hello, thank you so much for this service, great customer support

2013-11-21 22:14:44 M

It came fast and unlocked the phone perfectly, no problem.

2013-11-15 14:44:57 £ukasz

Motorola Droid 3 Global Verzion wszystko szybko i super uda³o sie za pierwszym razem

2013-10-11 15:57:32 Rodrigo

Great, code worked perfectly, thank you Guys and best regards, Rod