Unlocking Microsoft Lumia 535

For unlock Microsoft Lumia 535 following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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UNLOCK Microsoft Lumia 535


What our customers say about unlocking

  • good service, my phone is now unlocked.

    Michael - 2022-08-28 14:39:54

  • Excellent support and service from start to finish. Once received the code was entered and the phone up and running in a matter of minutes. Very happy with the service.

    Michael - 2021-12-13 13:20:15

  • The code worked, and the code came within the time it said it would

    Jake - 2021-01-11 10:47:44

  • Fantastic and quick service

    Kate - 2020-12-17 15:58:05

  • thank you now i can use my phone

    Andrejs - 2020-12-10 15:49:59

Unlocking instruction for Microsoft Lumia 535 ?

How to enter the unlock code in a Microsoft Lumia 535:

1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted SIM card (not the one in which the device works)
2. Microsoft Lumia 535 should ask for an unlock code
3. Enter the code provided by sim-unlock.net
4. Device is unlocked !!

Your Microsoft Lumia 535 has a network blockade, but you don't know in what network exactly ? You can check it by using your phone's IMEI number.
Use this link for our free service Microsoft Lumia 535 network and warranty check, enter your IMEI number, you will receive all information that include: warranty, network and country of your Microsoft Lumia 535.
Microsoft Lumia 535 has only one correct unlock code. If you enter wrong codes from free generators too many times, you can block the code counter. Every Microsoft Lumia 535 has a limited number of attempts to enter an unlock code. After the code counter is blocked, you might loose a chance to unlock it permanently.


2022-08-28 14:39:54 Michael

good service, my phone is now unlocked.

2021-12-13 13:20:15 Michael

Excellent support and service from start to finish. Once received the code was entered and the phone up and running in a matter of minutes. Very happy with the service.

2021-01-11 10:47:44 Jake

The code worked, and the code came within the time it said it would

2020-12-17 15:58:05 Kate

Fantastic and quick service

2020-12-10 15:49:59 Andrejs

thank you now i can use my phone

2020-02-22 21:34:20 mindaugas

all superthanks+++

2019-09-19 20:55:39 monika

Très satisfaite. Code reçu le lendemain et portable débloqué

2019-07-23 13:39:50 daniel.mathieu906@orange.fr

Trés bien,un peu long(15jours)de plus on peut téléphoner pour voir l'avancement,il faut avoir quelques notions d'anglais,je recommande sans restriction,merci

2019-07-09 18:56:08 Sadia

Amazing thank you very much

2019-04-30 11:04:11 Nezhlyan

I have waited too long (25) days but the results are spectacular👍🍀

2019-04-03 13:49:02 Paweł

szybko, konkretnie. Polecam.

2019-02-13 08:47:43 Daniel

Polecam wszystko zgodne z opisem

2019-01-25 18:04:49 Steffen

Das Entsperren hat wunderbar geklappt Dankeschön

2019-01-04 09:57:28 LUTOSLAW

Szybko i bez żadnych problemów. Polecam

2018-05-16 10:42:32 KAKANDE

wonderful worked as magic too abit long but good...my first unlock and looking forward to other unlocks soon...thanks

2018-03-06 10:19:46 MARIUSZ

Polecam zainteresowanym pozbyciem sie simlocka

2018-03-06 10:17:03 MARIUSZ

Działa bez problemu,dzieki

2018-02-21 00:31:15 Bob

Service worked perfectly. Definitely recommend to others. Will use again.

2018-02-05 16:12:13 dominik

dzieki za szybkie wysłanie kodu :) wszystko działa jak powinno pozdrawiam

2017-12-22 16:00:15 ARGYROS

Very good service with low coast. i do it again when i have a device lock thank you team for your support

2017-11-06 12:48:00 MEYIVANGA

Thank you for service. I am satisfied with the service and the phone works

2017-08-02 18:29:24 yusuf

Wao it was a great experience i had by unlocking via sim-unlock.net. They keep to time and my phone unlock was real-time, it open immediately i entered the code sent to me. Thanks a bunch.

2017-07-12 10:19:50 Daniel

Super odblokowanie. Polecam

2017-07-02 14:36:14 Marcin

Działa wszystko jest super :D

2017-03-14 17:10:04 fullmoviesnow.com

best service ever. the guys had my code super fast.

2017-02-05 09:27:39 kennedy

Super work

2017-02-01 17:34:07 Gordon

Fast service. Requested on a Friday afternoon, received Monday. Worked first time, Lumia 535. Many thanks

2017-01-31 10:15:18 Przemysław

Szybko sprawnie wszystko jak nalezy

2017-01-30 18:13:38 SALUM

thank u so much code accepted.and now phone doing work good but its take about 7 days to get code

2017-01-30 16:32:11 Przemysław

Działa. Jest OK

2017-01-16 19:48:27 oladipo

This is surprise in fact I am giving you more than 5star. I took a risk and I was shock that the code you send worked immediately ,thank you guys.

2017-01-10 11:11:54 078385060 ion

very good service. recommended 5 stars

2016-12-05 10:35:59 Christopher Rutledge

Good Service, received the unlock code before the time line, very happy, there are lots of other websites that are more expensive and they cant supply the code... would recommend using sim-unlock.net

2016-11-15 13:43:59 David

Todo bien , se libero perfectamente. Muchas Gracias

2016-11-07 17:58:16 louisboko

my phone is now unlocked and work like a charm. I'll back for others phones. thanks

2016-11-04 16:24:15 jim

really simple, will use it again. no fuss, no need to ring help desk

2016-11-04 16:19:46 jim

great worked first time- so easy to do

2016-10-11 19:31:48 Adrian

7 dni czekania, ale było warto. Telefon odblokowany

2016-09-28 12:49:08 Michał

Wszystko elegancko

2016-09-27 10:10:07 Lidka

Super, wszystko działa, Lumia już bez simlocka, jestem ciemna w te klocki, ale na stronie wszystko pieknie wytłumaczone, nie było z niczym problemów, polecam :)

2016-09-06 20:15:03 Katarzyna

Strona super,w komisie lub w innych punktach musialabym zapłacic za simlock duzo wiecej. Strona godna polecenia;-)

2016-08-28 21:12:33 Zygmunt

Wszystko OK. Usługa wykonana szybko i sprawnie. Kontakt bardzo dobry. Polecam.

2016-07-14 12:29:54 And


2016-06-24 07:27:36 Ewa

Polecam warto

2016-06-24 07:26:57 Ewa

Polecam kod otrzymałam krótko czekałam simlok odblokowany prawidłowo dziękuę

2016-06-13 21:25:59 Honorata

Great service,highly recommended.Thank you.

2016-06-01 21:07:16 Katarzyna

Szybka, profesjonalna i oczywicie skuteczna obsuga Polecam

2016-05-23 19:09:41 Piotr

Usługa wykonana bardzo profesjonalnie. POLECAM.

2016-05-09 19:43:45 Dariusz

Super serwis, szybko i wygodnie. Polecam jak najbardziej

2016-04-18 10:26:26 Jahnavi

It worked Awsome