Permanently Unlocking iPhone from Telu Canada network

Permanently Unlocking iPhone from Telu Canada networkUnlocking service for iPhone from Telu Canada network

This service offers network unlock for all iPhone models
Unlocking an iPhone has never been so easy...

After completing your order you will need to use one of the following instructions.

For iphone 4S and older models:

1. Insert an unaccepted simcard(from a different network)that doesn't ask for a pin code.

2. Connect your iPhone to the PC by cable and turn on iTunes.

3. Unlocking process will be done automaticly by iTunes.

iPhone 5 and all newer models require a different instruction.

1. Insert an unaccepted simcard(from a different network)that doesn't ask for a pin code.

2. Turn on Wi-fi on your iPhone.

3. Unlocking process will be done automaticly by your device.


iPhone unlock does not use any codes or sequences.

All versions of firmware and baseband are supported, after unlocking the device works in any network. This service supports only Telu Canada network.

If your device works in a different network than Telu Canada please use the link below, to choose the correct network.

iPhone unlock.


2020-06-01 03:07:54 rylan

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Great, fast service, delivered over the weekend Plugged in my girlfriends sim card and it worked right away Best 13 dollars I ever spent

2020-05-14 04:02:42 Stoyan

Unlocking - My phone was locked tonTelus, tried to unlock with the provider, really unpleasant experience, tried twice to unlock with other Web based services, no luck, SIM UNLOCK managed to unlock really easy, Wi-Fi method did not work, but via Itunes on PC-worked as a charm, exactly as expected, was pessimistic in the begging, now Big Thanks and keep the good work, really good service, I recommend

2020-04-29 14:50:35 Lotfi

Unlocking iPhone SE - Fast and professional service

2020-04-28 20:15:57 Lotfi

Unlocking iPhone SE - quick and good service A+++++

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2020-01-23 09:54:02 Ismaila

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Unlocking - Super easy to do - thank you

2019-10-25 13:47:41 david

Unlocking iPhone 4S - Fast and professionnal service. 5 stars

2019-10-18 01:13:19 David

Unlocking iPhone 6 - Simply amazing Less than 24 hours and it’s not using my carrier Thank you so much

2019-10-02 05:48:30 Fardin

Unlocking iPhone 6S - Thanks for the service 👍🏻 Would definitely recommend for everyone.

2019-10-01 18:35:48 Ricardo

Unlocking iPhone 5S - Service was quick and fast, in less than 24 hours after I pay, I get the code for my 5s

2019-09-05 10:54:00 Francesco Maria

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2019-08-14 14:50:00 Andrzej

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2019-08-13 00:57:01 DM

Unlocking iPhone 5S - IPhone 5S unlocked in 2 days. This my old corporate phone. First I tried using my provider, but they said because it is corporate, they will not unlock. Sim-Unlock got the job done Thanks you

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