Permanently Unlocking iPhone from EE UK network

Permanently Unlocking iPhone from EE UK networkThis service offers network unlock for all iPhone models which are listed below. After the unlocking the blocked will never return, the unlock is permanent. All software versions are supported. Unlocking an iPhone is simple and easy.

After completing your order you will need to use one of the following instructions:
iPhone 4S and older models please insert an unaccepted simcard and connect your phone with iTunes by USB cable.
iPhone 5 and all newer models please insert an unaccepted simcard and turn on WI-FI, the iPhone will be unlocked remotely.

Important !!!
This service supports only EE UK network.
If your device works in a different network than EE UK please use the iPhone unlock link, to choose the correct network.


2023-09-08 10:29:33 SJ

Unlocking iPhone SE - It was not immediately possible to make either of the possible solutions work for my phone but I got assisted and eventually it was fine. Very quick service from the start, the hiccup was at my end.

2023-07-29 13:40:15 Mark

Unlocking iPhone 6 - Does what is says unlocked the phone and done within 10 hrs (said 1-5 days) admittedly was an old phone but now can use it. This is the second time I have used their service. Might seem dodgy but both times worked fine. For many the option of paying by paypal might give people some added confidence.

2023-06-19 09:29:11 Ozan

Unlocking iPhone 11 - IPhone unlocked very quickly..

2023-06-18 19:18:59 Ozzie

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Quick service

2023-03-14 08:08:18 Antonio

Unlocking iPhone 5S - Demasiado Excelente, en menos de 24 h mi pedido fue reslizado, todo muy profesional y confiable, Recomendadisimo

2023-02-28 15:18:34 Maciej

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro Max - Obsługa bardzo szybka, zdjęcie simlocka zajęło około 10-15 minut także naprawdę polecam

2023-02-08 10:46:53 Jarosław

Unlocking iPhone 12 - Polecam odblokowanie IPhone 12 w 24h

2023-02-03 15:48:29 Jakub

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro - klasa swiatowa w nastepny dzien odblokowane gitara fest

2023-01-09 11:46:29 Piotr

Unlocking iPhone 12 - Jestem bardzo zadowolony z usunięcia simlocka na iPhone12 w sieci EE UK.Usługa została wykonan bardzo szybko,fachowo i bezproblemowo.Bardzo dziękuję

2022-10-25 14:55:03 PAWEŁ

Unlocking iPhone 7 - Wszystko bardzo szybko i sprawnie Polecam

2022-10-12 15:24:16 Zofia

Unlocking iPhone 7 Plus - Super Zamówienie na zdjęcie simlocka z iPhone 7+ złożyłam o 19 następnego dnia ok. 12 simlock był już zdjęty.

2022-09-30 10:00:28 Piotr

Unlocking iPhone 5S - Wzorowo :)

2022-09-29 12:58:37 Krzysztof

Unlocking iPhone 12 Pro Max - Polecam szybko i sprawnie , po 45 minutach simlock zdjęty , sieć EE uk .

2022-09-29 08:35:06 Becky

Unlocking iPhone XR - Absolutely brilliant thank you so much brilliant service thank you

2022-09-09 13:22:15 Damian

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro - Super szybka realizacja. Wszystko dziala jak nalezy. Dziekuje. Iphone 11 Pro.

2022-08-23 10:22:44 amos

Unlocking iPhone 4 - It was wonderful doing business with you

2022-08-17 09:25:18 Petra

Unlocking iPhone 4 - Amazing service. My old phone was unblocked in less then 24 hours after payment. Best price, very quick, will recommend to everyone and will definitely use your service again. Thank you

2022-08-11 14:14:43 Olusiji

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Very swift service phone was unlocked with no problem will love to use them again

2022-07-28 10:12:04 Sebastian

Unlocking iPhone X - Profesjonalna obsługa, telefon odblokowany w jeden dzień, polecam

2022-07-20 16:23:40 David

Unlocking iPhone 11 - I got my iphone unlocked before the time Allocated to it. i was so happy an extent that i even submited another iphone for unlocking

2022-07-19 08:24:29 Inssaf

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Very fast and easy .Also very cheap it’s a bargain Other website were asking for £20

2022-07-13 12:56:52 Stuart

Unlocking iPhone 6S - EE themselves claimed the IMEI code wasn't their's and couldn't unlock. Here, unlock confirmation took a few days and worked 1st time. Brilliant

2022-07-13 08:59:50 Felmark

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Fantastic service, it was done so quick, i recommend this to everyone who is facing phone difficulties.

2022-06-27 08:16:02 Danny

Unlocking iPhone 6 - Hassle free unlock and quick answers to my questions before ordering.

2022-06-23 09:44:16 Ian

Unlocking iPhone SE - I can confirm this is a boneified service and had the unlock done in a few hours. Great service.

2022-06-21 20:45:05 Jacek

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro Max - Pełen profesjonalizm, usługa wykonana w ciągu 12h... POLECAM

2022-06-14 01:23:19 Taras

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Perfetto servizio

2022-06-07 10:05:51 Tony

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Very fast and easy process

2022-06-06 10:26:59 James

Unlocking iPhone 8 - Superb, I got an email the next day. I put in an sim from a different network and it worked. Iphone 8 now unlocked for 5 EUR

2022-05-12 08:07:35 Lukasz

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Szybko Sprawnie 6 godzin i gotowe. Korzystam od kilku lat, zawsze zadowolony

2022-04-19 14:04:44 Krzysztof

Unlocking iPhone 13 Pro Max - Szybkie odblokowanie w 100% polecam

2022-03-24 07:19:21 Adrian

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro - Bardzo sprawne i szybkie działanie. Dziękuje Simlock24.PL

2022-03-21 15:34:12 Mohammed

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro Max - 100% would recommend Exactly as described and promised on their website. My phone works on all networks now Thank From a Happy Customer

2022-03-10 11:34:30 Magda

Unlocking iPhone 8 Plus - Polecam, po godzinie od zlecenia simlock został zdjęty.

2022-03-02 13:27:21 Gabriel Alexandru

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Todo perfecto, en menos de 12 horas el movil quedo liberado.

2022-03-01 09:35:38 Paulina

Unlocking iPhone 11 - Bardzo szybko i sprawnie. Polecam

2022-02-28 11:03:34 barbara

Unlocking iPhone 4 - Powiem tyle każdy kto odwiedza tą stronę i ma jakiekolwiek wątpliwości tak jak miałam ja ,niech śmiało korzysta z usług tej strony,naprawdę to działa zdjęli simlocka na serwerach Apple w niespełna dobę:) polecam każdemu

2022-02-24 08:20:27 javier

Unlocking iPhone 13 Pro Max - Good es un gusto trabajar con ustede

2022-02-22 13:26:34 Marcin

Unlocking iPhone XR - Sprawnie i do 23 godzin pomimo wekendu.Super servis

2022-02-18 10:28:45 Gary

Unlocking iPhone 12 mini - Great service does what is says and quick response

2022-02-11 13:51:14 Matthew

Unlocking iPhone 5S - Very happy with the service was apprehensive to begin with but it done as advertised and fast approbate.

2022-02-09 15:44:05 Ryan

Unlocking iPhone 4S - Took a few days but worked a treat. Brilliant price to get an old iPhone 4s unlocked.

2022-02-03 11:29:56 kamil

Unlocking iPhone 11 - bardzo dobra usluga i bardzo szybka

2022-01-25 08:39:53 Daniel

Unlocking iPhone 6 - Very well, in 2 days my phone was unlocked I recommend them Thank you

2022-01-25 08:12:04 ARM

Unlocking iPhone 6S - Sim unlock process completed without fuss in 24 hours from order, couldn’t as for better service.

2022-01-24 09:47:23 Derek

Unlocking iPhone X - Quick efficient service Would definitely recommend

2022-01-19 09:37:30 Mihaela

Unlocking iPhone 11 Pro Max - Very good thanks

2022-01-18 18:01:38 Krzysztof

Unlocking iPhone 6S - Super dziękuje wszystko ok działa bez zarzutu

2022-01-13 08:18:46 Jacek

Unlocking iPhone 7 - Znakomicie i szybko wykonana praca 100 polecam

2022-01-03 22:54:07 Zofia

Unlocking iPhone X - Szybko i sprawnie. Wszystko trwalo ok.12h 😊