Unlock by code for all Sony phones from any Portuguese network

Unlock by code for all Sony phones from any Portuguese network This service removes a sim blockade from all Sony models, from any Portuguese network.
All Portuguese networks are supported.

In order to unlock your phone, we need the following information:
-Phone model -IMEI number.

IMPORTANT!!!!! Please check the code counter before you make an order.


2019-10-06 00:17:17 Ricardo

Unlocking Sony Xperia E5 - Work fine.

2018-03-07 12:06:13 Renato

Unlocking Sony D2303 M2 LTE - Funciona perfeitamente

2017-09-11 23:46:44 Pedro M.

Unlocking Sony Xperia Z3 Dual - Worked perfectly Took 3 business days.

2017-07-20 11:24:55 João

Unlocking Sony D2303 M2 LTE - Very good and fast service. Thanks one more time

2017-04-22 00:39:12 António

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Good, easy and and fast service. I recommend.

2017-04-21 13:18:06 Pedro

Unlocking Sony D2303 M2 LTE - Work 100%

2017-04-16 11:12:32 Adrian

Unlocking Sony C1905 - 2 days and i got the unlock code, code was successfully accepted

2017-04-08 13:06:12 pedro

Unlocking Sony Xperia E1 - good service, took 48h but went well

2017-03-28 09:39:29 Jorge

Unlocking Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Very efficient and fast response. works in perfection. Recommended. Thank you.

2017-03-14 17:22:43 Nuno

Unlocking Sony D2005 - Funcionou na perfeição num Sony Xperia E1. Demorou 1 dia e meio. 5*

2017-03-08 15:11:25 pedro

Unlocking Sony Xperia T2 Ultra - Serviço rápido e Funcionou perfeitamente Muito obrigado

2017-03-06 15:14:47 eduardo

Unlocking Sony C5303 - The code worked - Thank you

2017-02-09 13:19:38 Rui

Unlocking Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Great service. Fast and effective.

2017-01-20 21:38:45 Rui

Unlocking Sony Xperia Go - Very good

2017-01-19 21:25:49 nuno

Unlocking Sony Xperia E4 Dual - Good service

2017-01-18 16:44:37 Rui

Unlocking Sony C2105 - Recebi o código e funcionou. Ultrapassou o prazo estimado mas recebi.

2016-12-05 16:47:16 João

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Reliable service. Very fast response. Very pleased with the result. Will recommend to friends and acquaintances.

2016-11-18 12:18:35 Rafonve

Unlocking Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Very good. Thanks for or suport

2016-11-02 12:37:12 Yevheniy

Unlocking Sony C6603 - Worked like a charm ) Thank you very much D

2016-10-02 13:50:57 Helder

Unlocking Sony D2303 M2 LTE - Took a bit more than the 4 days, but worked fine after all.

2016-09-25 13:16:59 Daniel

Unlocking Sony C2105 - Worked perfectly :D

2016-09-24 00:34:02 Hugo

Unlocking Sony ST27i - work...great

2016-09-23 20:57:19 Paulo

Unlocking Sony ST21i - Worked like a charm

2016-09-12 16:42:47 Filipe Renca

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Funcionou sem qualquer problema

2016-09-09 16:44:22 Patricio

Unlocking Sony Xperia E4 - Very fast service Works great Thank you very much

2016-07-10 16:45:07 Pedro

Unlocking Sony D2303 M2 LTE - Very good. Thanks for or suport

2016-06-21 13:23:51 Leonardo

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Requested code ok. Excellent. everything ok.

2016-06-16 16:17:35 Tiago

Unlocking Sony Xperia Z2 - Good service as always, code worked perfectly and was delivered within the expected time. Thanks

2016-04-29 18:05:31 Sheila

Unlocking Sony Xperia E1 - Highly recommend as they helped me unlock my phone when I was very stupid using the wrong numbers. After a lot of emails we discovered why the phone would not unlock. They did not give up on me. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would.

2016-04-22 16:38:55 Daniel

Unlocking Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Funcionou 5 estrelas. Tinha o M4 Aqua bloqueado á NOS e agora tenho cartão da MEO a funcionar sem problemas.

2016-04-05 10:54:23 vitor

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Very good service

2016-03-13 15:44:08 Vitor

Unlocking Sony C2105 - Very good service. in 2 days the problem is resolved. Thank you.

2016-03-12 21:00:41 Carlos

Unlocking Sony Xperia C1505 - exelent service 5 stars thank you

2016-02-25 00:14:33 João

Unlocking Sony C6903 - Phone unlocked sussufuly. Thanks one more time.

2016-02-24 20:51:50 Rui Sérgio

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Very fast and relyable service. Highly recomendable.

2016-02-14 21:02:11 Ernest

Unlocking Sony ST21i - Bom Service qui funcionne biem BRAVO

2015-12-18 16:19:41 EG

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - My first one. Very good, worked perfectly, easy and fast.

2015-10-07 15:40:35 Pedro

Unlocking Sony Xperia E - Excelent

2015-10-06 20:45:28 Antonio

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - Perfecto gracias

2015-09-03 23:23:03 Fernando

Unlocking Sony Xperia J - Just Perfect. Thanks

2015-09-03 21:24:42 Igor

Unlocking Sony Xperia E - Muito rápido, pratico e eficiente. Muito bem explicado todo o processo a efetuar. MUITO BOM

2015-09-02 14:01:59 Alberto

Unlocking Sony ST27i - 24 hours waiting but at the end it worked as expected. second buy. both with unlock succeeded.

2015-08-28 12:58:04 Rui

Unlocking Sony Xperia L - All Ok.

2015-08-05 20:09:28 JOSÉ

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - I just put the code provided and immediately got to work, thank friends, I advise everyone to sim-unlock.net, is five star

2015-08-04 13:08:17 Ana

Unlocking Sony Xperia Z - Fantastic Work perfectly 5 mega stars***** Fantástico Funciona na perfeição 5 mega estrelas *****

2015-07-28 23:43:16 Pedro

Unlocking Sony Xperia M2 - It works just fine ;-) Only wait 12 hours for the code... I recomend this service ;-)

2015-06-24 14:08:19 Marco

Unlocking Sony Xperia E - dear sim-unlockers, the unlock was successful Even when my phone had 0 on the NETWORK (the value was 9). Thank you very much

2015-06-03 13:41:05 Pedro

Unlocking Sony Xperia U - EXCELENT

2015-06-02 14:19:29 António

Unlocking Sony Xperia Z - Excellent, just type in, and voilá freedom as arrived

2015-05-08 18:09:30 Adelia

Unlocking Sony Xperia E3 - Recommended. Quick and easy. Worked fine. Thank you